Equity Auto Brokerage Inc
Pre-Owned Lease Return Vehicles
Affordable High End Automobiles

A totally satisfying car buying experience that's acturally enjoyable!

We are a fully licensed and bonded used car dealership

 that been finding and purchasing vehicles for over 6,000 customers throughout the last 20 years.  

Our specialty is helping  clients find and hand pick the best cars 

available in the auto market today.

These cars are known in the business as lease backs. 

 In other words they are one owner lease return automobiles

 being offered for purchase, by the manufacturer. 

Equity Auto Brokerage is registered with every major auto manufacturer,

 and private auction, which allows us to have the ability to participate in lease-back sales across the country.  

We here at Equity, take pride in identifying the best vehicles in these sales, then we divulge all that information to you, our customer.  

With this information, we can establish fair wholesale market value.  Upon approval, we purchase the desired automobile for you. 

 The delivery process then begins.  In most cases, the vehicle is ready for delivery within the week.

It is a common truth here at

 Equity Auto Brokerage

 that our cars equal, or surpass our 

client's expectations.