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Customer Testimonials

"It's not often I give a total 5 star review to someone. I am very particular when buying a car, This dealer is a diamond in the rough! I found my ideal car through a posting that Equity Auto Brokerage had placed on Craig's list. Jim, the owner, was completely honest and up front with any imperfections with the car. I took the car to a mechanic and there were NO surprises. Jim was forthcoming with everything. In addition, this guy kept his word on every level. He was honest, professional and very easy to work with. He went above and beyond to accommodate my requests. I was floored at Jim's level of integrity. It's just not easy to find now days. I have had the car close to two weeks and it is the best car purchase I have ever made, hands down! This is what good business is all about. Thank you for keeping your word Jim and for making buying a car what it should be, FUN and Easy! You are the one I am calling to find my next ideal car"!  Jesse McLoud

" I wanted to tell you thanks for making the used car purchase so easy and trouble free.  I am truly satisfied with the vehicle, price, and your commitment to fix the small things that mattered to me on my Audi A6.  It shows that you don't care about the one-time sale. but rather the customer relationships that will no doubt earn my return business as well as those I can refer to you.  Keep up the great work!  Customer service IS the differentiator in a business that offers many choices. "

- Respectfully, Roy Aggarwal


"Thank you so very much for taking all the time and effort in helping me fulfill my dream.  I promised myself that the day I graduate college, I would purchase my favorite car.  I knew that I would have certain financial restrictions and I really appreciate all you were able to do to help me accomplish my goal."

- Linda Salmaron


"Dear Jim, Thanks again for all your help.  Both you and your company continue to impress me considerably.  Needless to say, if you need any references, just let me know.  Best of luck."

- Rob Thompson